We leave our calves on the cow for nine months before weaning. Calves receive two rounds of vaccinations, once at branding time and again at weaning, to insure the health of the herd. They are never injected with implants, hormones, or antibiotics. If we discover that one of our animals needs special attention with antibiotics, that animal is removed from our all natural beef program. Once the calves are weaned, we separate the steers from the heifers and select only the best females to keep in our program as the future of the herd. The rest of the calves are placed in the natural boxed beef program. 

Our calves graze on native summer feed until they reach approximately 850 lbs., then start the finishing process. We feed them home grown premium alfalfa and grain hay, chopped with rolled barley. At the same time, the cows graze freely on an irrigated pasture of perennial grasses. Our animals are born and raised on the ranch. They are treated with kindness and respect, never abused, and always looked after and cared for as they should be.