Exceptional beef to make every day extraordinary


It is deeply rewarding to know that someone is nourishing their body with beef raised with respect for the land, the animal and the consumer. SkyRose Cattle Company Natural Beef is the result of our dedication to proper land and livestock management practices.

Ranch-to-fork goodness.


This is California: breathtaking vistas, pristine ranchland


SkyRose Ranch is located in Central California, 100 miles north of Santa Barbara and 80 miles south of Salinas. We are just outside of the small town of San Miguel. Our ranch stretches between Indian Valley and Vineyard Canyon towards Parkfield, and the landscape expresses terrains that range from alfalfa and grain hay covered flats to gentle rolling hills dotted with varieties of oak woodland. Pine and juniper trees are abundant. From every viewpoint, the landscape is spectacular. 

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